77% Off Sky Ranch Pampanga's Ride-All-You-Can Day-Pass for All Rides for P280 instead of P1210 Valid Daily & Holidays Until Nov. 30
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P1210 77% Off
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77% Off Sky Ranch Pampanga's Ride-All-You-Can Day-Pass for All Rides for P280 instead of P1210 Valid Daily & Holidays Until Nov. 30
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2463 Sold
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  • Our system will send the digital ticket code for the ride-all-you-can ticket immediately / automatically to your registered E-Mail address after your payment with GCash, credit card or other payments on our website. Please show it to the cashier for validation and receive your ride-all-you-can wristband.
  • Valid every day, also on holidays and weekends
  • Sky Ranch is open every day, also on holidays and weekends
  • You can use your StarDeals ticket immediately (same day) or on any other day until Nov. 30, 2023
  • Legit: StarDeals is the official Unli Ride-All-You-Can ticket seller of Sky Ranch
  • Discover Skyranch Pampanga with StarDeal's Unlimited Ride-All-You-Can Day-Pass
  • Located beside SM City Pampanga and the perfect place to bond with your family, friends, or your special loved one
  • Beguile in a day of fun and excitement with access to 15 attraction rides
  • Enjoy the park's attractions and funfair midway games ranging from kid-friendly rides to extreme ones that will surely make your heart drop
  • Embark on unlimited rides for the following attractions: Drop Tower, Super Vikings, Loop Coaster, Gear Shifter, Field Runner, Sky Cycle, Bumper Boat (Bumper Car), Kangaroo Jump, Space Shuttle, Tea Cup, Carousel, Wonderflight, and Happy Swing
  • One-time ride for the Pampanga Eye and Express Train
Important Information
  • Validity:
    • Valid daily (every day) until Nov. 30, 2023, weekdays and weekends, including holidays
    • Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Important info:
    • Present your voucher (hindi kailangan print-out) at the Sky Ranch cashier, who will exchange it for a physical ticket or a ride-all-you-can stamp on the customer's wrist/hand
    • Buy as many vouchers as you want - vouchers can be used by anyone
    • 1 year old baby/child and below is for free, older than one year old has to buy the voucher
  • Contact details:

Tara na, 'wag ng mag-pa-'tik-tik', let's take the fun up north to Sky Ranch Pampanga! Yessir, we're talking about the land known for its sizzling sisig and giant parol, and now, your next adrenaline high! Grab the Ride-All-You-Can pass from StarDeals and get ready to level up your 'Pampan-tour' experience. And let's be clear, ha? This isn't your usual Kapampangan fiesta; it's an amusement park bonanza! Imagine, it's like going from 'Tara, mamon tayo' to 'Tara, rides tayo!'

Hey, and speaking of rides, hold on to your salakots because the Pampanga Eye is ready to show you views that are more jaw-dropping than your tita's latest chismis. As the country’s tallest and biggest ferris wheel, it's so high up, you might even spot Mount Arayat and catch a glimpse of your dreams and aspirations. (Wala pang forever, but there's always a view from the top!)

So, if you've had enough of the city's hustle or the same old beach trip, swing by Sky Ranch Pampanga. 'Di bale nang late sa family reunion, wag lang late sa fun! Grab your Ride-All-You-Can pass today, and let's get this Kapampangan party started. Umayos ka, Sky Ranch is calling!

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Sky Ranch Pampanga
SM City Pampanga, San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga
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